Courses from individual Co-op Societies 

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”  

This course is an introduction to strategic planning for the management committees and staff of cooperatives about to begin the strategic planning process.

It is intended to build critical skills for Coops who wish to undertake effective strategic planning sessuons 

Management committees maintain a long-term perspective of where the cooperative is headed. They are concerned with how the cooperative can better serve members’ needs and what general changes may be necessary in organizational and operating policies. 

The staff are action and tactic oriented in running the day-to-day operations in response to the goals and objectives set by the management committee. 

A well prepared strategic plan is the best management tool a management committee can give its staff. 

Strategic planning is a skill. The longer participants use it, the more proficient they become in developing their skills.

This course must be taken once annually by all members of uXpress SACCO Society. It covers the purposes, objectives and operations of the SACCO.